Brightly is a small, independent Jersey charity that provides support to children and young people aged from newborn to 25 years who are under the care of Children’s Services (currently circa 1,200 children and young people)

These children and young people are either: –

• living in residential care, foster care, or with extended family
• have been in care (care-experienced)
• acknowledged as being on the edge of care, being on the Child Protection Register, being identified as a Child in Need, or the child of care experienced parent/s.
• on an Early Help Plan

In our last financial year, we supported circa 400 children and young people with 571 funding awards. Among other things, we help with education and training, health, and well-being, and moving towards independence. Our support includes anything from nursery placements for the children of care leavers, food vouchers in times of crisis, memberships for Jersey Zoo, and other attractions that allow quality family time. For care leavers, we will also help fund, over and above statutory allowances by the Government of Jersey, the cost of college courses, work clothes, tools, and medical fees. We also fund the cost of items for when they move into their first home, which is a very exciting, but big and expensive step.

All money raised by Brightly either stays in Jersey for the benefit of island residents or can be applied in cases where local children and young people (covered by our remit) are cared for off-island.
The benefits of our support

Our support is intended to create positive experiences and opportunities for children and young people to improve their daily lives to help families/individuals move towards independence.

Our support makes a real difference in the life experiences of children and young people who are in need. There are also less obvious but equally important benefits that result from our work, such as greater social inclusion, financial independence, personal growth and development, and less reliance on benefit systems.

Rue du Coin
Grouville     JE3 9QR

T: 07797 856127

Email: [email protected]




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