Hope Southam

Hope Southam is a local conceptual artist that is one of nine local artists that have come together under the collective name ‘RampArts’ The main focus has been on the exploration of texture, scale and movement.

My work explores the idea of organic matter and its forms. I have created a set of sculptural vessels that use a range of mediums and shape.
My influences are drawn mainly from fungi, and I found that the patterns and textures in mushrooms, and types of mould really inspired me and the materials I used. For this set of work, I used a range of processes that I felt worked so naturally together.
The use of felting and ceramics worked with my ideas of keeping my materials organic, to fully encompass the idea of vessels. The use of wire, helps to carry the work into a more sculptural aspect, and show the form itself, one that wraps around the bodies of work.
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