Claire Schaffrath - TrippyAcrylics

Welcome to my creative world of artwork and handmade jewellery.

Handmade Xmas decorations. Both sets are created using an acrylic paint pouring technique using beautiful warm metallic colours.

I use two very different techniques to produce my artwork. The first being acrylic pouring or fluid art. The key to this abstract artform is to know what colour combinations work well together based on colour theory.You then introduce a pouring medium to dilute the paints to create an easier flow consistency. The end result is a combination of vibrant colours and the formation of rather fascinating and beautiful cell structures. 

For my second technique I like to use a medium called alcohol inks. The inks are gently dropped onto a non pourous surface such as yupo paper then diluted with a blending solution.  They are then gently and patiently manipulated with a combination of airbrushing and tilting. Such a wonderful medium to use which allows your imagination to come into play and create magical and ethereal landscapes. 

The appeal for me of these two very different mediums is the fact that you don’t have total control over the outcome, particularly with acrylic pouring.  So often we need routine and a certain amount of control to bring order to our hectic and busy lives, therefore this creative process for me is a temporary outlet from all that and allows me to focus and zone out for a while which in turn opens your mind to that wonderful thing we all possess called creativity and imagination.  


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