David Wilson

I lived on and off Jersey for around 20 years, being a chef i used my culinary arts to help with my artwork. On my days off i would get my sketch book out and draw all the lovely scenery around jersey, mostly the coast line.

I never had much of an attention span so to combat it i just doodled, doodled on anything, jotters, beer mats, phone books. I got away from that habit by putting all my doodles on canvas, its such a stress reliever, but i adopted jersey or rather Jersey adopted me, its such a remarkable and diverse divine little gem of an island with so much to do, to take in and the views are breathtaking. I have painted a few scenes on canvas of jersey giving them to my friends on the island as parting gifts, i think there is still some of them around, but art in any form of visual is an expression of your minds eye.

All artwork are originals, no prints and all are one-off pieces

All commissions welcomed


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