Eve Charlotte Art

Hi everybody. I’m a local artist who predominantly paints in watercolour. I focus mainly on nature, animals and symbolism. I also take commissions.

I have always enjoyed being creative in various ways but it wasn’t until the first lockdown of 2020 that I decided to try painting in watercolour.
I felt inspired to paint a tribute for a woman who’s dog I had walked for 5 or so years and had recently died.
It felt cathartic and I was really happy with how it came out, it felt good to be able to gift somebody something that had meaning behind it.
After that, I started to paint nearly every day and was soon (much to my surprise) getting requests as to whether my paintings were for sale and then being asked whether I did commissions.
A year on and I have been lucky enough to have sold paintings to customers as far away as Australia and Texas and as close by as the UK and here in Jersey. It still gives me so much joy each time I receive a nice comment about my work.
Some weeks go by where I don’t paint as much but I know that when I do, I am much happier for it. It’s been a wonderful addition to my life.

Contact details –

Email – [email protected]
Instagram – evecharlotte
Facebook  – Eve Charlotte Art

A selection of my work can be found both online and in the framing workshop in town.


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