Jamie Baer Swan

Jamie Baer Swan is a Jersey born artist based in London, working from a studio in Stoke Newington. her works are predominantly portraiture focused, either in oil on canvas or “painted” with thread using a sewing machine and by hand, building layers over bleached calico and hessian.

Born to artist Carolyn Ainsworth, Swan was taught drawing and painting from a young age and began experimenting with a crossover between art and textiles whilst living and studying in Jersey

When creating – writing, painting, drawing, sewing, sculpting – I feel content. That’s not to say that I don’t find it challenging or frustrating at times to try to realise what I can see or what I feel or what I perceive into a creative form. But, when I am undertaking the creative process, I feel like I am doing what I am meant to be doing and time passes incredibly quickly. I imagine it is that same feeling that writers experience when they are pouring out a novel onto a page. Or how architects feel when they are drawing up plans for a building.



Contact – Jamie is always keen to hear from fellow artists, galleries, press and fans, as well as individuals looking to commission a personal piece

Email[email protected]


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