John Carnegie Art

John Carnegie is a local artist specialising in acrylics. After a lifetime in education (he spent four decades as Headmaster of St Michael's School) he returned to his love of painting, studying at the Bath School of Art and working at his home studio. Sadly John passed away in January 2024 , thought we would keep this page as a tribute to his Art

He finds his inspiration in nature and beautiful scenery and it is no surprise that much of his work reflects his immediate surroundings of St Ouen’s. He is fascinated by the colours found in Jersey and the natural grace evident in the ocean, clouds and trees.

Acrylic is his medium of choice due to the ability to layer indefinitely, along with striking colour. He often works on several pieces at once, returning to each for constant modification and adjustment, but only for a certain period in one sitting in order to maintain a sense of objectivity.

In recent years he has been making tentative steps towards abstraction, for which he has a great respect – the sheer freedom, potential movement and colour – all have an intoxicating impact and “the paint does the work”.

John tells his grandchildren and other aspiring artists to be free in an unlimited manner. Whilst it is important to learn to draw and record what you are looking at, enjoy colour rather than be anxious about realism. Freedom with paint often results in unexpected and pleasant surprises!

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