Kevin Ash

An Art Critic once described the Artist Kevin Ash, as an "Artistic Gypsy" : it`s a description that suitably fits this Northampton-born artist, now residing in Jersey.

From travelling Europe as a pavement artist, to living in Cornwall and creating images for the surfing industry and working in London and being heavily involved in the worlds of tattooing and “Kustom Kulture”, Kevin`s artistic journey has been varied, unusual and is still evolving…Entirely self-taught, his artwork adorns everything from T-shirt designs to album covers and surf boardsDrawing on influences as diverse as San Fransisco and the music of “The Doors”, Californian surf culture and religious imagery from cities such as Florence and Venice, Kevin has established a solid reputation for high quality, detailed work, whatever the medium or style he chooses to work in, and his artwork is becoming extremely sought after and desiredHe has sold work throughout Europe and the USA and exhibited in London`s Covent Garden and various galleries throughout the UK

Kevin`s life, and his art truly has the “Soul of the Gypsy” running through it and will always continue to do so

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The art of Kevin Ash – (Soul of the Gypsy ) telephone 07797733888
Email [email protected]


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