Kirsty Garcia Art and Design

I`m Kirsty Garcia and I am an abstract painter who specialises in inks and acrylics. Along with painting on canvas and paper and glass, I love to scale up my work and paint directly onto walls creating large murals. This presents new challenges and ways of painting which pushes my skills even further.

I create inks paintings that are full of movement and has a fluid like quality to it. Inks are not the easiest to use and they can either work really well or go terribly wrong- it has taken me a lot of experiments and hard work to get to the stage where I am with them.


No two pieces are ever the same which is another quality to inks that I enjoy. My acrylic paintings are similar in the sense that I don’t fully plan out the end result. Instead I allow the paint to move freely down the walls or on a canvas which allows colours to blend together.

I layer up the paint to create depth and contrast and I purposely leave drips in my work to give the painting the feel of movement and freedom.

Some of my earlier work at the beginning of my journeyI love to keep my work spontaneous and progressive by getting out of my comfort zone and not fully planning the end result of my paintings. I love to allow my work to naturally progress and this is what keeps me really immersed and engaged in what I am creating.I get inspiration from anything and everything and I like to come up with something different whether that`s by technique or subject matter.

My inspirations come from nature, my travels, patterns and everything else in between! I create paintings, drawings, mixed media pieces as well as tattoo designs. Along with that, I also make jewellery, get designs printed onto clothing and bags and I even dye my own fabrics to make cushions.

From a very young age, I have loved Art and it’s something I have grown up doing.I always wanted to ‘be an Artist when I grew up’ so I am very lucky that I have kept my passion and creativity alive.

I enjoy being in Exhibitions and events, one of my murals is currently on display in the fish market!




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St Brelades College in Jersey