Pia Malmstrup

Pia Malmstrup is a Danish artist currently living in the small Channel Island of Jersey. Her work is dominated by the sometimes conflicting concepts of chaos and order, abstract and reality.

Infused with a passion for art from an early age her work is redolent of the colours and energy that drive her inspiration, resulting in what she describes as an explosion on canvas. Whilst her subjects and themes frequently vary, much of her portfolio explores the combination of colours, strict lines and sometimes random running ink. Often the viewer can see other colours in the background which are almost non-existing, but they have been a part of the process to the final result.

‘My work is a window into my self; with each I have a sense of revealing something very personal about my soul.’

Pia also works in bronze and leather and has exhibited in Denmark, Portugal, Germany and Britain. She has been the founder and Chair of a Danish art club for 10 years and has a love for running big open studio projects.



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Phone: 07445 782 813

Emal: [email protected]

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