Roar Creatives

Hi, my name is Hollie, I am a Jersey born artist, the creator and sole owner of Roar Creatives. My love of art started with time spend with my dad drawing, painting and going on photography adventures, we were always creating new memories and art together.

As I grew older wanted to explore more of what I was capable of so I studied on island at Highlands college and gained my Diploma in Art and Design, then my creative brain was really ticking!
I started my business at the end of last year after being encouraged by my partner and family that I should start selling the art I was so passionate about.
My vision was to create a logo that reflected what was most important to me – family. My surname is Le Lion and we hold this name dear to us and the logo I created is a tribute to the incredible strength and courage my family has taught me which is where the lion design came from and the ‘roar’ in ‘Roar Creatives’.
I love trying things out of my comfort zone to see what I am capable of so after requests from colleagues, friends and family I started taking commissions for pet portraits and I loved it!
I am always looking for ways to reduce the impact my work has on the environment and wanted to make sure this was reflected in my packaging before I got started.
Our packaging:
White tissue paper – Recyclable, Biodegradable and compostable.
Backing Card – 100% recycled.
Clear display bags – Made with Bio-Degradable Corn/Potato starch, making them fully biodegradable.
Offer:  Christmas market in person ‘Santa Special’ all prints usually £35 will be for £25 for 20th November.
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You can message me on any of the below social links for orders or pet portrait interests.


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Jersey Heritage
Freedom Holidays
St Brelades College in Jersey