Stephen JE Davies Graphic Artist & illustrator

How I got started: I am often asked how I found my style and how I got into drawing, and after spending some time thinking about it I realised it all began when I was 14 years old. I had just had two major surgeries on my eyes, to correct my sight cosmetically. However, they left me with chronic double vision – which I still suffer with now, 38 years on. It was during my recovery period that I renewed my love for drawing, as it was a great way to pass the time.

Much like Peter Parker becoming Spiderman, I began to notice that I had developed a new style and my passion for drawing had greatly increased since my surgeries, and I was almost able to completely replicate images through black and white – which I wasn’t able to do prior to the operations.Since then, I have worked with this style on and off throughout my career, and worked to hone this skill further by specialising in aviation themed works. Overall, my specialty is highly detailed black and white pencil drawings, and whilst I do enjoy aviation and military style works, I am able to use my 35 years of experience to illustrate many other subjects. 

My Accolades:

Being made an associate member of the Guild of Aviation Artists in the UK is one of my greatest achievements. In addition, I have had eight successful submissions to the London Mall Galleries since 2011, including their online events in 2020, 2021 and in 2022.My work has also been showcased at the Jersey Arts Trust Projection Gallery for Remembrance Day in 2015, and I was also awarded Artist of the Year by the Society and Living UK Lifestyle Magazine. I have also had my work exhibited in various exhibitions at Jersey Airport, in their departure’s hall and at the Jersey Museum. In May 2021 I presented my artwork to the Lt. Governor of Jersey Sir Stephen and Lady Dalton at the Alliance Club in Jersey which was well received.

My artwork can be seen and purchased from the following outlets in Jersey as well as direct from myself and or via my website:

Jersey Post, Broad Street, St Helier – Postcards only.

Victoria Art Gallery, Victoria Street, St. Helier – Original artworks only.

Jersey War Tunnels, St. Lawrence – Sleeved prints only (April to End October).Harbour Gallery, St. Aubin (my flagship) – Framed, mounted prints, original artworks and postcards only.

Contact Details;

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