Susan Lintell Artist & Illustrator

Susan Lintell is a local artist and illustrator, with a wide range of skills. She creates art in different media, from landscapes, portraits, surrealistic paintings and graphic design to cartoons and illustrations for books, book covers, and presentations.

She illustrated Colin Macleod’s children’s book “Meet Hammerhead and Captain Stinky Pants”. Susan can undertake murals for the home and workplace.As a personal keepsake, or a unique gift for a family member or friend, the scope for commissioned artwork is limitless. Artwork can depict a home or iconic building, a portrait of a person, a pet, or a treasured possession such as a classic car.

Susan creates imaginative and detailed paintings that make a perfect enhancement to any home, some are realistic, some have a surrealistic twist, executed in acrylic, watercolour, or mixed media.Recent work is a series of unique series of paintings representing music, colour, and movement.

To discuss paintings for sale, or commissions, please contact Susan:

Email [email protected]

Mobile 07797756117




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