Discover a natural crater, views of France and the other Channel Islands and ancient hunting sites with panoramic views of St brelade`s bay and L`ouaisne common as you explore the picture postcard views of our stunning island

Devil’s Hole –  Descend down the winding path to discover the Devil’s Hole; an impressive and strangely eerie blowhole that has been eroded into Jersey’s coastline over the millennia. The Devil’s Hole is a natural crater in the solid cliff measuring about 100ft across and plunging 200ft down. It has been caused by the sea gradually eroding the roof of what was once a cave, until it collapsed and formed a crater. Peer down into the Devil’s Hole itself from our viewing platform and watch as the waves crash in through the tunnel entrance onto the rocks below. The first statue of the devil was sculpted in 1851 by J.P. Giffard using the wooden figurehead of La Joséphine, a cutter wrecked outside the hole the same yearVicard Point – Formerly the site of a bungalow reputed to have been stayed in by Miss Katherine Hepburn, this coastal site enjoys stunning views of France and the other Channel Islands. All that remains of the dwelling is the pine tree lined drive, but one can easily imagine the delights of living in such a stunning location. In early June, wild orchids can be found flowering on the surrounding grasslands.Portelet Common – Famed as a significant hunting site for our Paleolithic and Neolithic ancestors, this coastal heath land area provides dramatic views of St Brelade’s Bay and L’Ouasiné Common. One of the site’s most prominent features is the small building at the end of the headland which was originally constructed as a defensive magazine and battery in 1795.Victoria Tower – Situated on a hill-top, Victoria Tower is surrounded by wooded slopes and cotils, overlooking Anne Port Bay, St Catherines Pier, and Mont Orgueil Castle. Victoria Tower is a place of great natural beauty as the sunlight shimmers off the streams meandering their way to the sea, birds decorate the sky and beautiful flowers bloom around the grassland. One of the last Martello towers to be built in Jersey, this impressive fortification is steeped in history and provides the ideal location for views of the La Déroute channel and a variety of spectacular wildlife.Le Don Le Quesne, Le Hocq – Sandwiched between the beach and St Clement’s coast road is a small strip of land on which the old Eastern Railway used to run between 1873 and 1929. Gifted to the Trust in 1987, this small grassland site has direct access to the beach and is a wonderful spot to watch wading birds on Jersey’s Ramsar site or simply enjoy the view at high tide.Le Coleron Battery – Situated on a promontory to the south of the harbour jetty at St Brelade’s Bay, this granite paved battery is surrounded by sea on all sides except to the north. Constructed during the reign of George III in order to defend the bay, the battery was originally manned by one Non-Commissioned Officer and 14 men with firelocks. In these more peaceful times it is a truly tranquil spot from which to enjoy enchanting views of the entire bay.Mourier Valley – Mourier Valley is an area of rugged beauty located on Jersey’s north coast. The Valley itself is a small wooded valley with a stream running through its centre ending in a waterfall into the sea. It’s fringed on either side by open grassland and heath and provides stunning coastal views of Jersey’s north coast. On clear days you can even see neighbouring Channel Islands across the water. In such a secluded and wonderful place, one can appreciate the natural heritage and wildlife of our beautiful island. Mourier Valley offers breathtaking vistas of Jersey’s North coast. On clear days it is even possible to see neighbouring Channel Islands across the water.Coastal Foraging – This coastal forage along a stretch of St Ouen’s beach taking in the tide and shore line, will identify edible plants, seaweeds and shellfish as we go. Kazz will also track down some coastal plants. Cooking on a beach fire, we will then prepare the foraged foods and learn about any healthy properties they may hold.
Duration of walk approx 2 ½ hours, please dress with an eye on the weather and bring along any food and drink you may need.Coast2Coast Walking Tour – Discover inner Jersey on our coast to coast walking tour working from South to North for the half day tour, and back on a different route for the full day tour. Your guide will take you through sleepy country lanes, off the beaten track and identify cultural aspects on this beautiful route. You will see Jersey from a whole new perspective.




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