Call In Sick

One man punk band,With being a life long pop punk fan, recently finding some classic punk sounds, I decided I'm going to do this and 'Call In Sick' was born. With various influences spanning uk subs, cock sparer, sex pistols, blink 182, bowling for soup my music is aggressive with a basic harmonic structure to be enjoyed by all.

With my first album being realised on June 20th 2020, my YouTube page is filled with covers and demos of original tunes.
I started playing drums and just found I wanted to be up front so slowly thought myself guitar with the help of a good friend, since then I have mainly been doing acoustic stuff but with this lockdown I wanted to dig in to something angrier and raw.
Twitter :-  @callinsick85
With lock down still in place there are no gigs lined up at the moment but I do regular live streams on the Facebook page.
SIDE NOTE :- After June 20th my album “Call In sick” will be on all digital platforms to buy and stream!

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