Parish 13

Parish 13, named after the mythical parish that was stolen from Jersey by buccaneers the group deliver a unique acousto/electric sound utilising Mandolin, Mandocello, Violin, Bass and Cajon.

They incorporate traditional influences with an up to date feel, inspired by the interpretations and work of artists such as Tom Waits, Gogol Bodello and Abney Park they incorporate time-honoured styles such as gypsy, shanty, folk and storytelling as well as the dreaded own compositions in their performance!

Making their debut in 2015 the band are steadily building up a discerning following for those who are looking for something a little offbeat from the mainstream. Happy playing either totally acoustically or on the main stage, they bring something different to the music scene. Let them get inside your head and they will make you dance as if nobody’s watching you.

Band Members

Kim Wilkinson – Mandolin/Vocals
Steve Haigh – Mandocello/Vocals
Ella O’Sullivan – Violin
Steve Renouf – Bass
Anita Rive – Percussion



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Facebook; Parish 13


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