James Bedding

As a commercial drone aerial photographer, you are most likely to find me out and about, stylus in mouth, snapping pictures of anything that awes and inspires me From landscapes and sunsets on beaches to music festivals and energetic sporting events, I love capturing moments from a new perspective.

My path to photography was far from straight forward. Born and raised in Jersey in the Channel Islands, I was always attracted to and had a connection with the many breath taking beaches around the island. Being surrounded by such beauty. skateboarding and surfing were two of my favourite pastimes.
However, at the age of 15, an accident at the beach left me with a major spinal injury. As a result, I lost the function of my body from shoulders down.
This accident changed everything for me but it didn’t dent my creative spirit. It wasn’t an easy journey, but several years later, I got my first drone, an EHANG Ghost drone. This could be controlled from a mobile app so I could make it work for me using my phone mounted on my wheelchair. I then got the DJI drone. Since operating this drone required manual control I came up with the idea of using a stylus pen to control the drone. My friend, Tim Evans, helped me to fine-tune the controls further with the help of his 3D printer.
Flying the drone around the islands enabled me to not only see but capture places I couldn’t reach physically due to being confined to a wheelchair.
I carried on taking scenic photos that portrayed the beauty of the beaches, some of which can be seen on my Gallery page and I was soon asked to do commercial shoots for builders, property developers, pool companies and events as more and more people are realising the many advantages of using drone pilots over regular photographers.
Please get in touch to discuss how I can help your business or organisation. I am always happy to help!  By now I am literally addicted to making photos…for which there is no known cure, except to make more.

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