Bunker Open Day – Batterie Moltke

BATTERIE MOLTKE – Les Landes Common, St. Ouen’s
Originally intended as Kriegsmarine (Naval) ‘Marine Battery 1’ armed with 4 modern quick firing 15cm turreted guns which never arrived thanks to the Allied bombing raids in Europe, so the site was handed over to the Army Coastal Artillery, armed with 155mm field guns and named Batterie Moltke.
The CIOS maintain and restore the vast and impressive interconnected complex of Number 4 gun which consists of a personnel shelter, 2 ammunition bunkers, the underground gun emplacement intended for the quick firing 15cm turreted gun and a ‘temporary’ emplacement mounting a 15.5cm ex-French GPF field gun recovered from the base of nearby cliffs where it was dumped by the British Army in 1946!
There is also ample information on various aspects of the Occupation for the interested visitor and knowledgeable members on hand to help you with your visit. See if you can spot the hobnailed boot prints in the corridors!?
Admission £5 -accompanied under 16s and CIOS members free.
As a volunteer Society, we can’t open as much as we would like too. But we do work with Jersey Bunker Tours (who have the bonus of a superb online resource regarding the Occupation!) as well as History Alive who both offer ‘out of hours’ tours of all our sites. With tours available for all budgets and tailored for requests!


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