Cathy Rentzenbrink – WRITE IT ALL DOWN

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Acclaimed memoirist and Jersey Festival of Words patron Cathy Rentzenbrink returns to Jersey with her new book Write It All Down. Why do we want to write and what stops us? How does the urge to express ourselves fight with the worry that no one will care or that we will get in trouble? How do we identify and overcome everything that gets in our way so we can start making work?

Write It All Down is a guide to putting your life on the page. This is a kind, encouraging and stimulating book that explores the nature of memoir writing and offers helpful guidance on how to write your life on paper. Perfect for both seasoned writers as well as writing amateurs, this helpful handbook will steer you through the philosophical and practical challenges of writing the self. Intertwined with reflections, anecdotes and exercises, Write It All Down is at once an intimate and enjoyable narrative and an invitation to share your story.

‘Cathy has an extraordinary gift for helping people tell their stories and you need this gently inspirational book in your life.’ – Nina Stibbe

‘Astonishingly good, not just on how to write about your life, but why to as well.’ – Steve Biddulph, bestselling author of Raising Boys

Sunday Times bestselling author Cathy Rentzenbrink is an acclaimed memoirist whose books include The Last Act of Love and Dear Reader. In 2021 she published her first novel Everyone is Still Alive. Cathy regularly chairs literary events, interviews authors, reviews books, runs creative writing courses and speaks and writes on life, death, love, and literature.


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