Christine Buckland – ‘GET WRITING’ WORKSHOP

Christine Buckland-01.png

The aim of the workshop will be to give participants a clear understanding of how to create, garner and process ideas for creative writing, as well as to support them with techniques and approaches which will heighten awareness of structure, voice, language, tone and vocabulary.

There will be tasks designed to support individual and collaborative writing during the session. Towards the end of the workshop, there will be an opportunity for writing a lengthier piece and/or individual feedback.

Christine Buckland taught English and History at GCSE and A level in Jersey, becoming both Head of History at Hautlieu and Head of English at Les Quennevais Schools.

Christine has been successful in competitions in the UK, America and Australia and has had work published in ‘Jersey Now’ magazine, Writespot Pubs (Australia) and ‘Aesthetica’ magazine (UK), Channel Island Writers’ Anthology (twice), ‘Dropped Notes’ Writers Inc. Writers of the Year Anthology (UK). ‘Pens and Lens’ Anthology (Guernsey) and ‘Strandline’ (UK).

Christine has had work broadcast by Jersey Radio (winner of BBC Radio Jersey short story competition) and by BBC Radio 4 when she worked with a BBC producer and read a short story, which was written for the programme. This programme was the Guardian ‘Choice’ for that week.


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