CIWW Sunday Night Slam Live Wrestling

Oh you know we are back. It is the CIWW wrestling returns tour!
Yes. Back at the Merton Hotel, in the Star Room. We will be setting up the wrestling ring and having a right old grapple for your entertainment.
You know there is a bar and you know we are going to keep the kids happy and quiet. Well, maybe not quiet. But their loudness will be joyous.
A slightly earlier time now which is nice. 5.30 for the first bell.
All your favourite wrestlemen and maybe some new faces! Gosh.
There are going to be wrestling moves, wrestling holds, wrestling punch and even wrestling kick. Why wouldn’t you buy a ticket? Are you some kind of walloping bozo?
Sorry, we haven’t written one of these for a while.
Stay Focus.
More information and ticket purchases on the Eventbrite page:
WARNING: Serious amounts of family fun to be expected, be sure to bring plenty of ‘boos’ and ‘cheers’.
ACTUAL WARNING: Don’t try this at home.
All children (under 16) must be accompanied by an adult, we reserve the right of admission at all times. More info can be found on our website


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