CRY Jersey Open Garden

2022-05-22 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

CRY Jersey is  a locally based  charity that aims  to ” rescue and restore children and young people broken by poverty, oppression, exclusion and abuse.”  We strive to reach our aims through projects that include community support, education, health, nutritional support and residential care.  CRY currently works in about 28 different countries, including Africa, Eastern Europe, Russia, Asia and the Middle East.

We support local people and local churches, projects include  schools, children’s homes, nutritional support and livelihood projects. We also train and  support families to rear pigs and chicken, farm fish & grow crops, so they can provide a living for themselves and their families.

CRY also works with refugees, and the funds raised from the Open Garden will be going to support CRY’s refugee work including work in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Ukraine.

The Open garden is on Sunday 22nd  of May from 2-5pm, at Sion Hill Farm, Longueville, home of Mr and Mrs J Langlois. As well as flowers, this is a garedn with many rare and beautiful trees including the Wollemi or “dinosaur tree” the golden rain tree, and the handkerchief tree.  Cream trees will be served in the pool house  among tropical plants and there will also be a raffle. Entrance is £5 with all proceeds going to CRY’s work with refugees.

Signs will be posted from Longueville manor.

For any queries please contact Jane at CRY on 618497.


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