Defi Inter-Alliances

The Inter-Alliances Challenge is an online competition open to all learners of the Alliances Françaises around the world!

The principle is simple: learners from participating Alliances compete against each other on questions about French culture… but also about other French-speaking cultures: art, gastronomy, history, music, sports, etc.

This year, more than 40 countries are participating in this new edition!

The competition includes 3 stages, all of which will take place online

– 21st October 2022: local selection (20 question quiz).

– November (dates and time to be confirmed): 2 winners will represent our Alliance in the national final (25-question quiz).

– 26th November 2022 (time to be confirmed): the 2 national winners will participate in the international final (30 question quiz)

How to participate?

Register via the online registration form Here or directly at the Alliance before 20th October 2022

Conditions of participation:

The Inter-Alliance Challenge is free and open to all learners of the participating AF, from 16 years old and level B1. All stages will be conducted in French.

Please note:

– Make sure you are available for all 3 stages of the competition

– You will need a computer connected to the internet (Zoom) and the Kahoot application installed on your smartphone (to answer the questions in real time)

The 3 winners of the international final will win a 15-day language stay in one of the Alliances Françaises de France (accommodation and transport included)

Are you ready?

Good luck to you all!


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