Focus On Quebec 13th Parish Festival

As 13th Parish reaches out internationally to explore connections old and new, we present this special focus programme on Quebecois short film. We are guided by curator, formidable and all-round-legend, Danny Lennon. Danny is renowned for his expertise in Quebec cinema production, exhibition and programming. Our thanks to him also for his contribution to From Jersey to Gaspe, an event taking place on May 21st, with our partner Societe Jersiase.

Un trou dans la poitrine

Alexandra Myotte, Jean-Sebastien Hamel / 11 mins / 2023

In a run-down neighbourhood, Zoe and her little brother Theo are left to fend for themselves. A young adolescent, Zoe is a ball of anger haunted by an intimate terror. Theo, still a child, flees reality into a fantastical world. During a scorching summer day, the two children will have to burst the abscess of their relationship so as not to lose each other.


Clara Milo / 14 mins / 2021

Aska oversees the pilgrimage of two young sisters through the landscapes of Iceland in their quest to appease an ill-tempered volcano. Prix Coup de coeur Denis Villeneuve 2022.


Jeremy Comte / 16 mins / 2018

Set in a surface mine, two boys sink into a seemingly innocent power game with Mother Nature as the sole observer.

Le Temple (The Temple)

Alain Fournier / 17 mins / 2022

The crew of a German U-boat on a mission in the North Atlantic witness strange phenomena on board. After an inexplicable explosion in the engine room, the submarine slowly sinks to the abyssal depths, while madness decimates the submariners.

Le Temps Des Bouffons

Pierre Falardeau / 15 mins / 1993

Every year, the Canadian Bourgeoisie makes a spectacle of itself at the Beaver Club banquet. It celebrates the old British colonial system and its modern incarnation, Canadian neo-colonialism. A cinematographic lampoon.


Moise Marcoux-Chabot / 20 mins / 2013

Portrait du militant ecologiste Bilbo Cyr, poete et slameur gaspesien, qui parle de sa region comme il l’habite: avec passion et poesie, mais aussi avec colere. Il defend et fait vivre son territoire par la parole, son arme de predilection, semant du reve dans la terre et les esprits.


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