Greg Paton Solo Exhibition

RampArts introduces Greg Paton FRESH to the scene and letting loose original line work illustrations!

Bar Gallery 17 October Jersey Arts Centre

I started making abstract art at the grand old age of 22, five months ago actually. In those five short months I feel like my style has been constantly adapting, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. As I’m still at such an early stage in my art journey, I have no doubt that my style will continue to change as I grow. I’m excited to see which direction my art will take me in the years to come.Fundamentally, I think I take my artistic influences from other artists, whether local or internationally renowned, I think everybody has something to offer and that you can take something away from their artwork even if it’s something small. Whilst living in Barcelona for a few months last year, I was exposed to an abundance of art in the forms of street art, modern art galleries, markets, and Gaudi’s architecture everywhere you look – just a few of the things that I would love to see more of in Jersey. I miss the fast-paced lifestyle and can’t wait to get back!I think the skateboarding culture also continues to have an impactful effect on my inspirations, in the form of videos, fashion and graphics – Polar Skate Co produces the best of all of these! I’d love to see my artwork eventually making its way into the skateboarding industry on boards and clothing, who knows where I could take it!Since day one I’ve sworn by the medium of cardboard; I love the fact that whenever someone’s ordered something online the first thing that’s asked is ‘do you want the box?’. I like the idea that it’s my own little way of recycling and that if I make a mistake, there’s plenty more to choose from, my rooms rammed with it! That’s why I’ve decided to create a selection of artwork for this upcoming Solo Show in collaboration with Ramparts Jersey, using predominantly cardboard painted on with paint markers. I try to create drawings using shapes and line work so that you can’t quite tell where the start and finish is.I’ve also decided to display a selection of digitally drawn abstract prints. In the past couple of months people have started to take an interest in the designs I’ve been drawing on Procreate. As well as getting steady hand drawn commissions through Instagram, I’ve also had a couple of simple animation commissions; something that I’d like to learn about and get better at!

I’m really grateful that Ramparts reached out to me to display some of my artwork for the coming month, it’s without a doubt the biggest opportunity I’ve had in terms of reaching people who may not necessarily use Instagram or TikTok, and I’m excited that it has presented itself to me early on. Please feel free to pop in, have a browse and let me know what you think!



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