Heritage Open Day

Heritage Open Day celebrates our built heritage by allowing visitors free access to interesting properties that are either not usually open, or would normally charge an entrance fee.
La Ronde Porte

A two-storey farmhouse on Grande Route de St Martin, La Ronde Port was bequeathed to the trust in 2022 by the will of Philip Le Sueur. The farmhouse, which is set back from the main road, has adjoining, and attached outbuildings and a farmyard. There are also pigsties connecting to a two-storey bakehouse that retains a corbelled fireplace with bread oven.

Address: La Ronde Porte, Les Grands Chemins, St. Saviour. Parking: St Michael’s School, La Rue de la Hougette, with a free shuttle to and from La Ronde Porte.

Foot Buildings

It took a ten-year campaign and two years of painstaking restoration work totalling £1.5m to secure the future of three modest but important early 19th century town houses in Pitt Street. Colloquially known as the Foot Buildings, they included a former music store run by Francis Foot, a gramophone dealer and photographer who documented Jersey life in the early 1900s. It has been turned into a coffee shop (Locke’s Café). Flats, 4, 5 and 6 will be open to view along with the Café.

Address: The Foot Buildings in Pitt Street, St Helier. Parking: Parking in Sand Street or other public car parks.

Wakofest Personnel bunker and water storage tank

The Jersey Fortification Study Group will be opening the Wakofest personnel bunker and water storage tank at El Tico in St Ouen’s Bay. Members of the group will be on site to explain the history of these Occupation relics.

Address: El Tico, La Grande Route des Mielles . Parking: El Tico or car parks in the vicinity. Look out for the National Trust flags!Transformer Station

The Transformer Station in Chemin des Maltières, Grouville, known as OT substation, Le Bourg, is located near the car park below the Queen’s Valley Reservoir, only some 3m back from La Rue du Moulin de Bas, and was built in the German occupation by Organisation Todt. The Sub Station or “Schalthaus” was one of 3 located on the Island, but sadly it is the last remaining example, with the others being demolished in the late 70s.

Address: Chemin des Maltières, Grouville. Parking: Lower Car Park – Queen’s Valley Reservoir. Look out for the National Trust Flag

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