Hike across the Island from North to South

Have you ever thought about hiking from one side of the island to the other?
Imagine starting your hike touching the sea on the north coast and then ending the hike touching the sea on the south coast! To me that’s something so magical and crazy! Like how is it possible to be able to walk from one end of the island to the other?!
Does this just fascinate me because I’m new to the island? Have most people on the island achieved this? I don’t know! But I really hope you want to join me to say ‘yeh, I’ve walked from one end of Jersey to the other!’
I have created a route that is only 9km long that follows footpaths, tracks and green lanes and should be pretty.
We will meet at St Helier bus station at 10.30am (please don’t be late as we cannot hold the bus!) and catch the number 4 bus to Bonne Nuit. Our hike will begin down on Bonne Nuit beach, high fiving a wave before we set off southwards! Our hike will end on St Aubin’s bay, where hopefully we can high five another way to mark the end of our north to south conquest!
The hike itself will take around 3hours, but remember we go at the pace of the slowest (usually my dog!) and enjoy a leisurely pace in order to chat, take photos and snack. HOWEVER, the timings coincide with lunch. There won’t be anywhere to buy a lunch or drink on the route so please bring a packed lunch/lots of snacks and we will find a place to stop to enjoy them. Therefore I estimate the hike will take around 4hours to complete.
Please wear layers and warm clothes and we will all hope for good weather!
I really hope to see you there! I am very excited for this 3rd microadventure!


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