In Conversation with Terry O’Connor

Together with Soroptimists International Jersey, we are delighted to welcome theatre maker Terry O’Connor back to Jersey and to the festival for this special focus on her work and achievements.

Terry O’Connor grew up in St Martin and went to FCJ and Hautlieu schools before leaving for university in Exeter to study English and Drama. Since then, she has been a performer with Forced Entertainment, an experimental theatre collective of six artists based in Sheffield since 1984. In 2016 the ensemble was awarded the International Ibsen Prize for their original contribution to theatre.

Terry has a long history of engagement as a lecturer, mentor and collaborator with other artists. She has been a Creative Fellow at Roehampton and Birmingham Universities, working with the RSC and the Shakespeare Institute in Stratford. In 2011, she became Professor of Contemporary Theatre and Performance Practice at the University of Sheffield. In 2022 she was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Lund in Sweden . Her current doctoral research at the University of Salford investigates improvised text in post-dramatic theatre and its possibilities for working with young people and non-professional groups.

This conversation is hosted by James Tyson of ArtHouse Jersey


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