International Tourist Guides Day

JTGA Royal Square Free Walks, Talks and Events

A celebraton of International Tourist Guide Day with free walks, talks and other events.

You can just turn up and wander around for these events, but some are also bookable on eventbrite, just search ‘JTGA’

Here’s a few of the things going on;

A short walk about the anti French riots with Clive Jones
Martin Walton will have a copy of the painting “The Death of Major Pierson” and will sit where the artist sat, so come along and find out what really happened.
Birding with Neil Singleton
Tours of the States Chamber with Monty Losh
Did you know Jersey is now a Geopark? Join Nicky Mansell for a 25 minute walk around town to find out more.
Who is the golden man wearing a toga? Jon Osmont will reveal all
A static display about Le Hocq Tower
The old market place with Sue Gorin and more of the market with native Jèrriais speaker Dacia Diggle
20 minute visit to the Town Church with Jean Treleven
Terry Underwood with be talking about the Royal Coats of Arms on the States buildings, with explanations and their heraldic significance.
Geoff Reakes will reveal about half a dozen things you probably didn’t know about the Royal Square (Unless you are a Jersey Tourist Guide!)
When St Helier’s population exploded in the 19th century the areas beyond the Royal Square saw enormous change. Melanie Cavey is offering two 30 minute walks to see where out East orchards were replaced by terraced houses and mansions, retail ventures and a tourist thoroughfare whilst out West administrative buildings, warehouses, banks and hotels replaced sand dunes.



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