Jersey and Channel Islands Film Showcase 13th Parish Festival

Join 13th Parish for this special programme, curated by Mick Hannigan of their partner festival, IndieCork; celebrating the diversity of local and neighbouring film talent.

Au Moulin – At The Mill

Annigna Kennedy, Tom Kennedy / Jersey / 2024 / 6 mins

An almost normal morning in the year 1861 at the old Quetivel Mill in Jersey. Inspired by the Hawkins family who used to live and work there in Victorian times.

The Seaflower Venture

Martin Toft / Jersey / 2024 / 8 mins

Based on the life of Charles Robin, Jersey’s premier cod-merchant who founded the most successful firm on the Gaspe Peninsula in 1766 and using extracts from his diaries.

The One

Jordan Cox / UK, Jersey / 2023 / 4 mins

A slightly tongue-in-cheek music video of Aine Rose Daly’s single release, The One.


Adam Jordan / Australia, Jersey / 2024 / 3 mins

A sombre, heartfelt, observation of the loops we can all become trapped in: a music video collaboration between singer Phoebe Over and Axon Bower.

The Lost Dreams

Penny Andrea, Luke Andre-Jackson and Kit Ashton / UK, Jersey / 2024 / 9 mins

Combining reanimated drawings, MRI scans, snatches of song, soundscape, and voiceover, this immersive experimental film evokes the experience of loss, recovery and resilience in the aftermath of life-saving brain tumor surgery.


Lottie Graham / United Kingdom / 2023 / 11 mins

When Foxglove is sent to a correctional facility, her only option of survival is if she betrays her roommate.

Born of Water

Alex Bates / Guernsey / 2023 / 16 mins

A young mother must fight for survival so she can return to her daughter in the midst of a raid on her island in 1372.

Usurp the Destroyer

Patrick Swan and Edward Palmer / United Kingdom / 2023 / 16 mins

Willa and Rick both live and work together as groundskeepers on a country estate in Derbyshire, but their lives are upended when Rick decides to live as an ape.


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