Jersey Festival Of Words – Celie Imrie and Fidelis Morgan – ORPHANS OF THE STORM

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Join Olivier Award-winning actress and bestselling author, Celia Imrie, as she discusses her new book Orphans of the Storm with the book’s researcher, fellow actress, director, Fidelis Morgan. The novel follows the story of a mother’s quest to find her children against all odds, set against the epic backdrop of the sinking of the legendary Titanic.

Nice, France, 1911: After three years of marriage, young seamstress Marcela Caretto has finally had enough. Her husband, Michael, an ambitious tailor, has become cruel and controlling and she determines to get a divorce.

But while awaiting the judges’ decision on the custody of their two small boys, Michael receives news that changes everything. Meanwhile fun-loving New York socialite Margaret Hays is touring Europe with some friends. Restless, she resolves to head home aboard the most celebrated steamer in the world-RMS Titanic.

As the ship sets sail for America, carrying two infants bearing false names, the paths of Marcela, Michael and Margaret cross-and nothing will ever be the same again.

‘Smashing … It would be fair to say that I was hooked on page one and literally could not put it down. I loved all that she wrote about the true story behind this thrilling tale’–Joanna Lumley

‘A heart-wrenching journey that breathes new life and humanity into the tragic sinking of the Titanic’ ― Woman’s Own


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