Jersey International Air Display 2023

Very little on the small island of Jersey can rival the variety, spectacle and energy of the International Air Display.

The Airshow has established itself over the years as one of the islands premier calendar dates; a midweek show where all the islands children are given the day off school. Markets close for the afternoon and all eyes look to the skies.

The sweeping vista of St. Aubin’s Bay forms a natural amphitheatre where visitors and locals alike congregate to watch these magnificent aircraft from across the ages.  During this free 4 hour flying display you get to see fast jets, vintage warbirds, classic aircraft and even some local talent!

The large tidal range, and sheltered waters of the bay also provide the opportunity to mix flying and boating. From the single engine De Havilland Beaver Float Plane to the impressive Dornier DO24 Flying Boat, the bay itself has seen its fair share of ‘touch and goes’ over the years.

The 2023 Jersey International Air Display will take place on Thursday 14th September between 13:00 to 17:00.



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