Kate Hughes – GOING ZERO

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After a ripped beanbag spilled thousands of polystyrene balls into her garden, working mum Kate Hughes decided she’d had enough of the throwaway culture and plastic packaging, and turned her and her family’s life upside down by going 100% green.

Going Zero tells the inspirational true story of how an ordinary family of four went completely zero-waste and started living sustainably. Overnight they ditched the plastic, started cooking meals from scratch, and even tried churning their own butter.

Going Zero follows this family’s journey as they find and share different green and sustainable tips that helps them live a happier, healthier, and cheaper lifestyle. It’s a factual account that shows just all-consuming today’s throwaway culture has become, but also that you can break away from it. A well-lived life doesn’t have to come wrapped in plastic.

Finance and sustainability journalist Kate Hughes from Wellington in Somerset has had a long and successful career in journalism and writes a sustainability column in The Independent. She is a wife to husband David and has two young children. In her debut non-fiction book packed with handy tips, she chronicles her modern-family’s journey to a greener and zero-waste lifestyle.

Kate will be interviewed by India Hamilton


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