Le Hocq Tower St Clement Open Day

We are so grateful to Jersey Heritage and the Parish of St Clement for allowing the Jersey Tourist Guides Association (JTGA) , as Guardians of the Tower, to give free access  from 10:00 a.m.to 4:00 p.m.  to the public  on the first Sunday of every month  April to October  2023.

It has held a commanding position on the South-East coast of the Island since its conception in 1778 and subsequent construction.  The brainchild of the then Governor, General Sir Henry Seymour Conway, who ordered a series of round towers to be built in 1778, Le Hocq tower has guarded the promontory of Le Hocq, and Le Havre es Fontaines for almost 250 years.Image courtesy of Jean Lelliott

From a strong Napoleonic defensive tower of the late 1770’s, to a refortified Occupation defensive tower of the 1940’s, and a Radio Tower of the 1970’s, this fabulous granite structure has a rich history.

The JTGA Committee are delighted to be able to offer a series of open days at Le Hocq Tower throughout this year, beginning from Sunday 2nd April, and on the first Sunday of every month thereafter. October will be our last open day of the year (due to weather)Image Courtesy Ali-Robinson

Wander through the tower rooms with us, and imagine the lives of its occupants through the centuries.  Learn of its history from the expert Guides who have volunteered their time to allow you access to this historical monument, and hear of the fascinating surroundings.

The Tower will be open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  on the following dates, so pop these in your diary and come along to visit.

2nd April 2023

7th May 2023

4th June 2023

2nd July 2023

6th August 2023

3rd September 2023

1st October 2023

The Tower is owned by the Parish of St Clement and is leased by Jersey Heritage, and it is with their kind permission that the JTGA are able to offer you these open days. As such, while entry to the Tower is free of charge, we would very much appreciate a donation to Jersey Heritage as every little helps Jersey Heritage maintain and share these wonderful sites with you.

Main image – courtesy Jean Lelliott


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