Linda Calvey – THE GAME

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Convicted murderer Linda Calvey combines her own experience of the criminal world – the glamour, the danger, the high of running with gangsters, hitmen and villains – with a supreme gift for character and storytelling in her second novel, The Game.

From the dark underbelly of London to the scorching Spanish Riviera, Ruby Murphy has built a crime syndicate to be feared. When her husband is murdered in cold blood, she is devastated. But with a firm to run and a business partner to please, there’s no time for tears. In Ruby’s world, family is everything. So when her beloved daughter gets into trouble, Ruby vows to protect her, whatever the cost. But who can be trusted, and who is out for blood? Enemies are everywhere. But if you come for the queen, you’d better not miss…

‘The bravest and most authentic new voice in crime fiction.’ – Martina Cole

Linda Calvey, known as The Black Widow because so many of her lovers ended up dead or in prison, served eighteen years behind bars for the murder of her partner Ron Cook in 1990. She was moved to fourteen different prisons during her time inside, mixing with convicts such as Rose West and Myra Hindley during her long years of incarceration. While most authors write what they know, Linda Calvey writes what she lived.

Linda will be interviewed by Chris Stone.


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