Picnic in the Park

2023-08-01 - 2023-08-31 All day

‘Picnic in the Park’ will be back this August, encouraging islanders and visitors alike, to pick up a picnic from a local hospitality provider and enjoy the warmer days and lighter nights in the Park.

The Jersey National Park has 2,145 designated hectares of land within its protected boundaries that can be appreciated and enjoyed.

Discover the natural beauty of the Jersey National Park and enjoy a taste of authentic, local produce with some al fresco, blanket-based foodie fun.

The Jersey National Park is reinventing dining – al fresco style.

Lay down your blanket, unpack your basket, and lose yourself in the magnificence of the Jersey National Park paired with a feast of authentic local produce

The Jersey National Park is setting the stage for a dining experience like no other this summer… It’s the return of Picnic in the Park, an initiative that promises to redefine outdoor dining throughout August.

Tourists and locals are invited to embark on a gastronomical adventure. Whether reconnecting with family and friends or bonding with colleagues, there’s no better setting than the radiant outdoors.

Participants are encouraged to unleash their culinary creativity and craft their own picnic menu, sourcing Genuine Jersey ingredients, or by selecting their favourite pre-prepared picnic using one of the Picnic in the Park partners; The Atlantic Hotel & Ocean Restaurant, Flour Patisserie, The Jersey Grazing Company, Stinky Bay Brewing Co, SCOOP, Clarity AF Wines, Kismet and Love Cake.

In addition, Jersey local personalities will be sharing their favourite picnics, providing a wide range of options and additional inspiration. These individuals will offer their unique perspectives on ideal picnic locations, creative themed picnics, and valuable tips for making the most of the Jersey National Park.

Once picnickers have made their selection, the adventure truly begins… They find their perfect spot within the Jersey National Park, unfurl their blankets, and reveal their culinary treasures, all while basking in the Park’s awe-inspiring beauty.

The perfect picnic is just a click away. All the options are now available to view online, and will be available to order from Thursday 27th July.




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