Prehistory Weekend – Loving Your History

Love history or just want to learn more about our Island’s stories?  Join us for our Loving History events and step back in time to take part in living history activities.

Step back in time for a weekend of pre history demonstrations at La Hougue Bie. Experimental archaeologist Dr James Dilley and Emma Jones of AncientCraft will provide an accurate Neolithic living history display in and around the replica Neolithic Longhouse for visitors to the museum. This will be the first full living history display conducted at the Longhouse since its construction and it is the perfect setting to bring this special part of Jersey’s heritage to life.

The display will consist of Ancient Craft demonstrating a number of crafts and daily tasks that would have been familiar thousands of years ago. These will include flintknapping, fire lighting, cooking, axe making, wood working, bone and antler carving and jewellery making. Evidence from across the island indicates all these crafts and more would have been visible thousands of years ago, thus giving the rare opportunity to see these skills in action.


Some of the crafts will be open for visitors of all ages to try for themselves to give a sense of how long some seemingly simple processes would have taken. Visitors will be able to take in the sight, sounds and smells of life thousands of years ago, before being able to touch replica objects and talk to the ‘prehistoric people’ about their life.


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