Purple Dew Removal

Help us conserve the diverse habitats across the Island. Kindly sponsored by Jersey Electricity.

We will be holding a morning session on Tuesday 13th February at 10:30am. The event will consist of the removal of the Purple Dew plant from the coastal strips of St. Ouens Bay.

The Purple Dew Plant is an invasive and non-native plant species of house plant that grows widely across the coastal strips of St. Ouens bay. Due to the plant thriving in sandy environments, if not managed correctly the plant would otherwise blanket the grass and sandy areas of the Bay, suffocating the growth of Jersey’s rich and diverse native species that would normally thrive in this area. Purple Dew plant will also prevent some insects, such as solitary bees, from accessing their nesting sites.

No tools are necessary and we will be hand-pulling the plant from the sandy ground, but please do bring your own gloves if possible.

An email will be sent to those who have signed up prior to the day to confirm it is still going ahead.

We look forward to seeing you!


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