Seymour Tower – Intertidal Walk

Walk out to the isolated L’Avarison Islet and Seymour Tower, on the exposed seabed off the SE coast of Jersey

Seymour Tower

Situated roughly to the south of the slip, Seymour Tower stands like a sentinel above the rocky terrain which surrounds it, within the RAMSAR Site, which is an internationally recognised and protected wetland, extending along the south east coast from La Collette in the west to Gorey in the east of the island of Jersey.

Accessible on foot at most low tides, it is not a place to be caught out by the rising tide. Due to the topography of the area, the rising sea can easily encircle the inexperienced or unwary walker or low water fisherman, and strong tidal currents can make this area treacherous. Every year people are rescued after finding themselves cut-off.

What to expect

This guided walk will take you out to the tower along the seabed, through shallow pools and tidal streams, passing over gravel banks and shingle as we follow the tide out. Weather permitting we will stop at the tower, to explore or enjoy a snack or light refreshment if you have them.

Admire the vistas from the raised platform, across the spectacular expanse of rocky seabed and northwest towards Noirmont Point to northeast to St Catherine’s Breakwater, across the oyster beds and mussel poles in Grouville Bay. If the weather is clear, the arrays of wind turbines can be seen along the French coast.

Change your perspective of the beach, and discover some of the superbly adapted organisms that thrive in the area, despite being left behind by the tide.

Protection of Flora and Fauna

The intertidal zone is a diverse and fragile environment, and we must do all we can to minimise the effect we have on this protected ecology if we want to protect it for future generations. By joining this walk, you are agreeing to abide by some basic guidelines: to walk with care and watch where you put you feet; to be gentle with any creatures that live in the intertidal, in and on the seabed and on or under rocks, and if you handle them do so with wet hands; to replace and rock and seaweed that may be lifted while exploring; and to be quiet and not disturb any resting seabirds or marine wildlife.

We all have a duty of care to protect this unique environment and limit the damage we cause, or allow to be caused by our actions. Please do not litter, and no dogs are permitted.

Safety Guidance

To participate in this walk, you will need to be reasonable fit, able to walk unassisted for several hours and prepared to be responsible for your own safety. Children must be accompanied by responsible adults. I carry a First Aid Kit and the Coastguard will be informed when we start and finish the walk.

Snacks and hydration

This walk is several hours long, so please bring a snack and drink, especially if the weather is forecast to be warm. We will stop at the tower, weather permitting, for a break. Please hold onto any packaging, and dispose of it appropriately when we return to shore.

Clothing and footwear

Dress in layers, appropriate for the weather. We will be exposed to elements during the walk, and it may be chilly if it is windy. Wear wellies or other sturdy footwear that you don’t mind getting wet. Be prepared to walk through shallow water, and bring hiking poles or sticks if you use them. Wellies are avaiable to rent for the duration of the walk if needed, see ticket section.

Potential hazards

Please arrive 10 – 15 minutes early, so that we can leave on time.

Participants will need to be able to keep up a steady pace on the way out to the Tower and on the return. The surface is uneven and at times soft. There will be rocks, sand and gravel underfoot and seaweed which can be slippery. We may also encounter creatures that bite, sting or pinch as we explore, so avoid handling them where possible. There may be shallow standing water and streams, and at times may need to wade through mid-calf depth water.

The steps up to Seymour Tower are steep and quite narrow, so please take care when ascending and descending.

Parking, bus route and public amenities

Limited parking is available on the slipway opposite Seymour Pub, but there are no public amenities. The nearest public toilets are at Gorey Common or La Rocque.

Liberty Bus route No 1 stops at the top of the slip on the way to St Helier, or on towards Gorey from outside Seymour Pub, approximately every 15 – 20 minutes.


Your participation in the walk is at your own risk and I shall not be held liable under any circumstances for any matter arising out of your participation. I accept no responsibility or liability for loss, damage or injury, other than for matters which I am not legally able to exclude or limit liability, and I am insured for this activity.


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