The Full “Snow” Moon – A Lunar Spectacle

According to The Old Farmers’ Almanac the full moon in February was dubbed the “Snow Moon” because of the heavy snow that would fall at this time of year.
This full moon is also known as the Hungry Moon or Month of the Bony Moon (by the Cherokee), because hunting was difficult during the harsh winter conditions and resulted in an acute shortage of food.
Moonrise 17.41
Sunset 17.42
We’re back!
Did any of you take the opportunity to howl at the January ‘Wolf’ Moon…
Once again we shall be pointing the telescope and binoculars skyward to explore a different world. Jupiter and Saturn were very clear at the end of 2023 … will that still be the case this February 2024?
Obviously we are hoping for a clear sky and light winds!
Please meet us at the benches above Long Beach car park, Grouville, from 17.00 onwards. If you have binoculars and a folding chair please bring them along.
Warm clothing, a blanket and a hot drink could be useful too!
For the swimmers …high tide is at 18.58 and a massive 10.2m
For the hungry … Fish and Chips are available in the village from 17.00. A very nice treat!
To give us an idea of numbers, please let us know on the FB Event, Messenger or Email if you intend to come along.
We hope you can join us for what is becoming a very popular social event.


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