The History Of Vraicking – HAVO!

Jersey Heritage Members are invited to discover the history of vraicking in the Island, with guest speaker Nick Jouault.
At Jersey Museum & Art Gallery

February marks the start of the traditional vraicking season, when Jersey farmers were permitted to cut vraic – seaweed – to fertilise their fields. Loose vraic could be collected at any time and it was spread over the land during the winter and then ploughed into the soil before potatoes were planted in late winter and spring.

Nowadays we may see the occasional farmer or keen gardener collecting vraic from the huge piles thrown up on the beaches by storms and there is plenty available for those who choose to follow this ancient tradition.

However, in times past, vraic was a highly prized commodity and it’s harvesting well regulated.

Vraicking expert Nick Jouault will be speaking in the AV Theatre at 6.30pm, for a short talk on the History of Vraicking.

Find out how vraic was collected, dried and distributed in the Island and discover the renewed interest in traditional, more sustainable farming techniques that are an important part of our Island’s rural story.

Welcome drinks will be served on arrival at 6pm in the Concourse and there will be an opportunity to speak with local producers ‘Ocean Harvest’ and ‘Tidal Rum’ about their vraic and seaweed infused products.

Spaces are limited to 50, therefore booking is essential, reserve your free spot here.


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