Tree Dressing Day

A winter warmer of an event to celebrate our leafy friends

Join us in the orchard at Hamptonne for a winter warmer of an event to celebrate our leafy friends, whose presence alone is enough to reduce stress and improve our sense of wellbeing.

Tree Dressing Day falls on the first weekend of December. It was initiated by Common Ground in 1990 and has grown to become much more than an expression of a love for trees. It’s also a chance for communities to reflect on the social and cultural history of their local area, and the role trees have played in shaping this story.

The orchard is made up of 23 apple trees that are all local cider varieties. At the January Wassail, our visitors help to bless the trees in the hope of an abundant harvest later in the year. They stroll and play under the canopy of blossom provided by them in the spring, picnic under their shade in the heat of the summer and help to pick the apples in the autumn, ready for cider making at La Faîs’sie d’Cidre.

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