VR Exhibition 13th Parish Festival

2024-05-25 10:00 am - 2024-05-26 1:00 pm

Creation, Mindfulness, Interaction: The Immersive Art of David Lobser

We are delighted to present these Virtual Reality (VR) films as examples of some of the best made so far in this exciting genre. Come along to the JAC and try out this new cinematic experience!

David Lobser is a mixed reality artist who crafts immersive therapeutic experiences blending mindfulness, meditation, and psychological flow. He teaches art, animation, and virtual reality at Harvard and New York University where, as artist-in-residence at NYU’s Future Reality Lab, he created pieces that let multiple users interact in shared virtual spaces. His recent work focuses on therapeutic uses for VR, such as breath work and ketamine infusion therapy, and on using new AI tools to create music videos, immersive environments, and customised meditations.

In year two of our focus on the exciting world of VR, we are delighted to present this mini-retrospective. This is a broad sampling of  David Lobser’s work addressing themes such as creativity, meditation, and playful interaction.” James Pallot, Curator.


2020 / USA

Visitations is an immersive gallery of vignettes designed to produce relaxed and entranced states in the user. The piece draws on learnings from neuroscience and psychology to adapt aesthetic experiences into the therapeutic realm, via procedurally generated images that change constantly and never repeat themselves. Visitations uses techniques including binaural beats, subtle strobing, and geometric patterns to create scenes including a body scan meditation and a dream induction, with a hypnotic soundtrack developed by ambient artist/healer East Forest. Each scene allows users to turn inwards and explore their own stories and mental states.

Cosmic Sugar

2016 / USA

Cosmic Sugar allows users to explore the laws of physics as they sculpt dynamic, infinitely varied 3D patterns that pulse and swirl around them with mesmerising force. The piece has been shown at several major festivals and drawn glowing reviews from users, one of whom wrote: “You can control supermassive black holes in one hand while simultaneously creating nebulas to feed them, then explode it all around you. This game can conjure emotions from within you and let them out in all sorts of artistic ways.


2017 / USA

Part immersive art piece, part video game, Flock allows users to enter an animated universe populated by birds and bugs. Participants need to catch as many bugs as they can to work through several levels , each one featuring beautiful, procedurally generated imagery as well as as a trance-inducing soundtrack by composers Tim Fain and Julien Mier.

Note: The VR Exhibition operates from 10am – 1pm and 2pm – 6pm on 25 and 26 May only. Book your slot in advance, or call in and see if space is available.

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