Headway Jersey provides essential support, information and services to people in Jersey who are affected by brain injury. As the charity has grown and awareness of the work we do for those who are affected by brain injuries increases, we are contacted regularly for information and advice.

Headway Jersey is a local charity set up to help and support all those affected by the life changing impact of a brain injury. To date Headway looks after well over 130 survivors of some form of brain injury as well as providing support to their families and carers creating a vital lifeline to them.The Headway Centre at Le Coie, Springfield, opens 5 days a week providing a range of services designed to suit all needs. Our services include physical and cognitive rehabilitation, relaxation and wellbeing and outreach support in the community. We are already seeing the benefit of these new services improving our member’s lives as we support their journey.

A brain injury is for life however and this is why and where the charity is able to continue supporting people for as long as they need it. When you hear the stories and understand the devastating effects it can cause it makes our vision and mission even more important.It costs £350,000 per annum to run Headway, so you will see that donations and fundraising are vital in making sure we can provide this essential service to islanders ensuring no one is ever alone following this life-changing event. All the money raised on the island remains in Jersey and if you want to make a difference to islander’s lives through fundraising or in other ways, do contact us today.For all the information on our fundraising events check our facebook page facebook.com/headwayjersey or call 01534 505937

Contact Details

Address: The Community Centre, La Tour Verte, Le Coie, Springfield Road, St Saviour, Jersey, JE2 7DN

Phone: 01534 505937

Email: [email protected]

Website: http://www.headway.org.je/

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