The Jersey Eisteddfod holds two Festivals each year.  It is all about looking, listening, encouraging and learning from each other in a friendly environment.  The two Festivals are: The Festival of the Performing Arts which is held in November; and The Festival of the Creative Arts, which is held in March.

The Festival of the Performing Arts comprises Music, English Speech and Drama, Dance, French, Jèrriais and Modern Languages, (ranging from German, Italian, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Polish and Portuguese).

Each Section has its own committee of volunteers, made up of people knowledgeable in that particular discipline and who run the Section.  Each Section is divided into ‘classes’. 

Entrants from Jersey and elsewhere enter and perform within the classes.  The classes take place at various venues (which used to include the Jersey Opera House and, we hope, will again in the not too distant future), the Jersey Arts Centre, Chateau Vermont and Parish Halls (in particular St. Ouen’s Parish Hall where we always have very successful Jèrriais classes).  Although some of these are expensive, the Jersey Eisteddfod is committed to providing the best performing venues possible.  All performances are adjudicated by an experienced professional in that discipline.  Most Adjudicators are paid and, wherever possible, come from ‘out of Island’. 

The Festival of the Creative Arts comprises Arts and Crafts for Primary and Secondary Schools as well as Youth and Adult (i.e. not connected to schools), Needlework and Textile Art, Photography, Floral Art, Calligraphy and Handwriting.  The Festival of the Creative Arts is run on the same lines as the Performing Arts but is held at the RJA&HS in Trinity.

The age range for both Festivals is 4 – 100+.

The Jersey Eisteddfod maintains strong links with Schools, clubs and care homes etc.

It is a registered charity.

Patrons include His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor, present and past Bailiffs and the Dean of Jersey.

The Eisteddfod is affiliated to the British and International Federation of Festivals which provides qualified Adjudicators for Dance, English Speech and Drama and Music.

The Jersey Eisteddfod was established by a former Dean of Jersey, Dean Samuel Falle, in 1908.

It probably touches 20% of the population.



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