I was born, brought up and schooled in jersey, but left at the age of 18 to study at university in the UK. Since then I've been travelling the world and only returning to the island sporadically to visit friends and family. And the reason I've been travelling the world is because I'm a travel blogger over at www.bigworldsmallpockets.com, so it kind of goes with the territory!

Stephanie Parker at bigworldsmallpockets.com

What is your favourite beach or place in Jersey & why?


I’m a big fan of Beauport in St Brelade.

I love the walk down the steps to get to this beach and I love the feeling of peace and solitude once I get to the bottom.

On a beautiful summer’s day, it’s hard to beat!

Where is your favourite place to stay in Jersey or where would you like to stay if you had the opportunity?

I’d love to stay at the White House along St Ouen’s bay.

I really enjoy different sorts of travel experiences and sleeping in this heritage building with its incredible views, would be amazing!

What event in the Jersey calendar do you frequent or do you have a particular favourite entertainment venue?

Because I return to the island so irregularly it’s impossible for me to frequently attend the same events.

That’s said, summer in the island is my favourite and I always try to head back during these warmer months.

Is there a favourite place that you go for either a sporting or leisure activity?

I love hiking and can never resist the call of the north coast cliffpaths when I’m back in Jersey.

My favourite section is between Bonne Nuit and Rozel – it’s a great workout for the legs and the views of France always give me the excitement and inspiration to start planning my next trip.

Plus I don’t think you can ever underestimate the benefits a good intake of sea air has!

Where is your favourite place to dine and why?

I love the breakfasts at Cafejac and Dandy Coffee Shop in St Helier.

With their flat whites, fresh juices and plentiful avocado, they remind me of the 4 years I spent living in Australia!

Do you have a favourite venue where you like to go and socialise?

It’s always good to head down to the Splash and see how many people you can say hi to!

Is there a place where you just like to go to relax and chill out?

For me it has to be the top of Val De La Mare Reservoir.

The bench at the back there, with its wide angle view of St Ouen’s Bay, always gives me a great sense of perspective when I need some thinking time!

Can you give 3 words which describe the best things about Jersey for you?

Green, family, sea air (is 4 words allowed?!)

What do you think about Vibrant Jersey and our aims / values?

I think Vibrant Jersey is a great resource for islanders and visitors alike.

What is your main interest


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