The Jersey Wonderer

Collette started her Jersey Wonder business in May 2017 from her porch in Grouville.

She also supplies for any events including office birthdays, weddings, fetes, anywhere really where you would like a taste of Jersey TraditionThe Jersey wonder recipe is a local tradition handed down through the generations to Collette. Wonder recipes can differ from family to family on the Island and are not quite the same from one side to the other. Tradition has it that housewives only cooked their wonders as the tide went out. If they cooked them on the incoming tide, the fat in which the wonders were cooked would invariably overflow the pot. Collette doesn’t go with the old Wives Tales and only cooks on a Saturday morning or whenever anyone wants a large order for a special occasion. The closest equivalent to the Jersey wonder would be a doughnut, however, wonders should never be coated in sugar nor filled with jam!

Where to buy your Wonders

Collette supplies many outlets throughout the Island and this year is hoping to grow her business. It would be “wonder”ful to have an outlet in every Parish and that’s what she is working on for 2023!  At the moment she supplies the following outlets

Seahorse Coffee Café, Gorey

Rhonas At The Beach, Gorey

Gorey Fruit & Veg Shop

My Porch at Oakborne, Grouville!

Homefield Growers Farm Shop, St Clement

Green Island Stores, St Clement

Samares Stores, St Clement

St Ouens Motor Works, St Ouen

St Johns Village Store, St John

Woodside Flower and Fruit & Veg Shop, Trinity

Midland Stores, St Saviour

Auntie Carrots Vintage Tea Room, St Lawrence 

A growing list ?

If you wish to know more or place an order for a special occasion, please get in touch.

Contact Details

TEL: Collette  07797 729163

EMail: Collette [email protected]




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