Luna Freckles

Luna freckles is a creative explosion, born from the artistic fantasies of mermaid child Lana Krost. A platform to create in colour and where magic is possible, you will find the little bit quirky, unapologetically silly and wildly fierce jewellery & resin designs for the earthling that wants to sparkle.

Geode inspired wall art & coasters, servings boards coated in gemstones, glitter and sparkles, and handmade recycled sterling silver jewellery with ethically sourced gemstones, create the LunaFreckles brand, all handmade by Lana. EarringsNecklacesPendants

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Lana Krost

Tel: +44 7797 786189

EMail: [email protected]

Website: Luna Freckles

Facebook: Luna freckles

Instagram: luna freckles





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