Victoria’s Jersey Island Sea Glass

I make pictures, jewellery and Christmas tree decorations from sea glass and pebbles that I have collected on Jersey’s beaches. Each one of my ‘finds’ has its own unique story, after decades of being tumbled and smoothed by the sea. My passion is to choose the correct pieces to make pictures that are simple, yet beautiful. My handmade jewellery enables its owners to have their own little bit of Jersey as they wear my bracelets, necklaces and earrings. I will also be selling Pocket Hugs, an ideal stocking filler and robin decorations.

I launched Victoria’s Jersey Island Sea Glass at the end of 2016. Sea glass was spilling out of vases throughout the house, which made me think of ways I could use it. Until then it was just a ‘collection’, but as I researched ways to use sea glass, I became consumed by the possibilities. So, I taught myself how to clean, drill and glue the glass and pebbles. The following year I was accepted as a Genuine Jersey member, something I am very proud to be part of.

I am happy to accept commissions and still can’t believe my pictures are all over the world now.

Contact details:
Victoria Bardsley 
La Grande Route des Sablons
JE3 9FE 
Tel  – 07797 718200


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