Away with the fairies

Away with the Fairies spins unique handspun yarn to create her signature fairies. Emma is a knitter and a crocheter and loves all things woolly! Currently she is making chunky wool cowls and mitts luxurious chunky merino and chenille wreaths and cushions, as well as recycled cotton dog spots and cat mats plus a few surprises for her markets this year.

I am a fibre artist so I produce anything to do with fibre – from paper to cloth to yarn. I’m best known for handspun Jersey fairies, ecoprinted unique super soft scarves and papercuts, especially of local scenes.

My work tends to be delicate and whimsical and as every piece is done by me, by hand every piece whether it’s a fairy, scarf or papercut is one of a kind.I love meeting people, demonstrating and teaching – although in this extraordinary year there has been less opportunity for this. You can find my work in The Harbour Gallery and at Creative Cottage, alternatively you can message me directly through my social media.

Contact Details:

Facebook: Away With The Fairies

Instagram: away with the fairies jsy


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